So you wanna come and live in the US?  Here are some
of the ways.

Work & Investment Visas & Green Cards

- H-1B visas (Bachelor's degree or higher, and a job offer from US
employer that requires your major)

- L-1 visas (Managerial experience from foreign parent company
and a managerial position offer from US branch/subsidiary/affiliate

- E-2 visas (Investment in a business in the United States)

- E-1 visas (Engaging in substantial trade with United States)

- O-1 visas (Extraordinary talent visas such as for Artist, Musicians,
Designers, Athlete, etc.)

- R-1 visas (Religious worker such as Pastor, Religious Education
Director, Choir Director, etc)

- Employment-based Green Cards (Commonly referred to as EB-2,
EB-3 green cards.  You need a job offer from US employer, and a
qualifying education or experience.  Some job offers do not require

- Religious worker Green Cards (Known as EB-4 green cards.  It
requires 2 years of full time religious worker experience.)

- Extraordinary talent Green Cards (Known as EB-1 green cards.  
Applies to extraordinarily talented artists, scientists, researchers,
animators, athletes, etc.  It does not require a job offer from US

- NIW Green Cards (National Interest Waiver green cards.  You
need an advanced degree such as master's or Ph'd, and need to show
your potential to contribute to national interest of United States.  
Most often applied by Post Doc researchers, scientists, engineers
and doctors, etc. It does not require a job offer from US employer.)

- EB-5 Investment Green Cards ($500,000 up to $1 million
investment in the United States can get you a green card.)

Family Green Cards

- Green Card through marriage (by marrying US citizen or
permanent residents)

- Parents of US citizen (The US citizen child must be 21
years or older in order to apply for parents' green cards.)

- Unmarried children of permanent residents and US

- Married children of US citizens

- Brothers/Sisters of US citizens

What else do we do?  We do all kinds of immigration
related legal works, such as:

- US citizenship (naturalization)

- K-1 fiance visa (if you want to bring someone from
another country and then get married in US)

- Reentry Permits (if the green card holders need to be
outside the US for long time.)

- Green Card renewals and condition removals (if you
need to renew your green card for another 10 years, or if
you need to remove condition from your 2 year green

- All types of visa extensions

- All types of change of status (When you want to change
your visa status from inside the United States.)

- Motions/Appeals (Got your case denied or revoked?  We
can help!)
You can search and read about all kinds of US visas and Green Cards
on the internet.  Some informations are just inconsistent everywhere
and many times, the more you search the more confused you
become.  US immigration laws are just like that.  No matter how
smart and intelligent you are, it's very easy to get misguided and
make wrong decision that will affect the rest of your life and your
family.  We are here to help you.   Want more information?  Want to
know how much it costs, and what documents you need, and how
long it's gonna take?

Just contact us today.