Law Offices of Jim Kahng is a professional law corporation
engaging in immigration law practice with special focus on US
visas and green cards.  

Attorney Jim Kahng is a cum laude graduate of UCLA who
received Schumacher award (merit scholarship for exceptional
academic recognition) at Southwestern School of Law from
beginning to graduation.  Passing the California Bar exam on first
try, Jim became a licensed attorney in California Supreme and
Federal Courts, and since then, a long standing member of AILA
(American Immigration Lawyers Association).  Jim has been
practicing exclusively in the field of US immigration law for
more than 1
9 years, formerly as a managing attorney of a
prominent immigration law firm in Los Angeles, and presently
since 2004, as the head of his own firm in Torrance, California.

Jim and his staff thrive to provide not just the successful outcome
of the case, but the pleasant experience throughout the whole
immigration journey which is of equal importance for clients'
peace of mind and satisfaction.  In 2017, Jim received "10 Best
Immigration Attorney in California" recognition by American
Institute of Legal Counsel, in client satisfaction area.

Jim's clients are individuals, students, employees, investors,
doctors, nurses, hospitals, scholars, schools, computer
programmers, software developers, fashion designers,
accountants, dentists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, managers
and executives of multinational corporations, office clerks,
market research analysts, small, medium, large companies of all
sorts, sewing factories, garment manufacturers and wholesalers,
freight forwarders, custom brokers, commercial loan brokers, and
the list goes on.  
You name an occupation and a type of
business, most likely Jim has done an immigration case for
it, with success.

Law Offices of Jim Kahng is in business to help people come to
the United States legally, stay here legally, study, work, invest
legally, and eventually become permanent residents and citizens
of the United States.  It aspires to do so by reputation, legal
expertise, high success rates, honesty, affordable fees, and
continuing trusts and referrals from existing and former clients
and companies.

So, how do you get started?  Just call us or
contact us, and tell us
what is your goal/problem/question, just anything.  That's the
first step.  We will guide you through the rest.
"Thank you so much for all your help, kindness, and support over the last
six months through my permanent residency application.  You are truly
one of the kindest and patient people I have ever worked with in my entire
life and we are both just so grateful for you.  Thank you again and God
bless!  With Gratitude."

"Thank you and all your staff, now I can finally go home without worry and
I'm so happy.  I believe your hard work made me get the green card sooner
than I expected. Thank you!"

"Attorney Kahng!  You helped our family during the hardest times in our
life.  You listened to our difficult problems and passed us through the
immigration safely.  Thank you for doing your best, I will never forget the
warm hearted advice.  Thank you again and I pray for your health and

"I could not believe the news that our case got approved, thank you, thank
you.  With all my heart, thank you and thank you.  Today is a happy and
joyful day for our family, finally.  Thank you!!"

"How are you, Attorney Kahng, because of you, I can now live in America
in peace with my green card.  If I were close by, I surely would like to visit
you to say thank you personally.  I will do it in future when I get to visit
California.  Be healthy and many blessings."

"Your letter changed everything, now the school let me stay, and the
hospital has no more problem with my status.  I don't know how to thank
you for this.  I wish you the God's blessing.  You're terrific!"

"Dear Jim Kahng, I really can't thank you enough,, How can I say,,, Thank
you so so much."

"Jim in Media"

- News commentary for immigration related news (KBS, MBC, YTN,
EBS, Korea Times, Radio Korea, Radio Seoul, Chosun News, etc)
- Hundreds of newspaper and radio columns on immigration topics
- Frequent guest appearance in various radio shows for immigration
related discussion and questions/answers session from listeners
- Invited speaker at major universities/schools to talk about visa
options for graduating students
- Invited speaker at various community centers/seminars to address
immigration concerns
- Lecturer for E-2 investor visa subject taught in real estate
commercial license class
- Member of advisory council for South Korea's visa waiver
Clients testimonials